Strengthening the Human Aura

We’ve all got an aura, and what this actually means is that we are perpetually connected to the universe, and each other. ‘Strengthening our Aura’ is the idea that we can notice where we let negative thoughts and energy into our personal comfort zone, or life-space, and teach ourselves to change those thought patterns so that they are wholely-positive to ourselves, and to those around us. It’s integrating that idea that we will always have enough energy available to us to deal with any situation that is presented to us, in an effective manner, with minimal stress, conflict or friction with those involved.
Our Aura is that ‘bio-computer’ of a body and a mind that we have, and strengthening it is re-programming them to work wholly in our own favour, and not to let the pump of, (for instance), mass media and centralised news sources dictate to us where our thoughts and energy should be directed towards. Reiki begins at level one with self-healing for this purpose.
We can’t heal others without healing ourselves, and one of the first steps in healing ourselves is the accepting that there are a whole lot of negative and toxic messages layered within the media advertising and cultural sterotypes that are thrown around, and that releasing the idea that these actually have any importance to ourselves or to the happy, healthy, living of life, can have fantastic and wonderful consequences for ourselves and the world of people around us that we are connected to..

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