Potentia Vobiscum

Ahoy there!
Where attention goes, energy flows.
Your thoughts, ideas, actions, beliefs and emotions at every moment are important to the future of yourself, your nation, this planet, and all the peoples living on it.
You count just as much as everyone else, and you can help make the difference, tip the balance, make a change, by standing up together with others of like-mind and similar locality.
You may have been taught to be powerless all of your life. If so then cast off those chains. Stand up for your beliefs. Work with your friends and colleagues, make a difference together.
Stop relying on Government for all the answers. Truth is they are going to have to cut back on their spending, and if we’re going to bear the brunt of this recession, we should look to our people and our communities first – and technology can make that more possible – efficient and effective, than ever before now.
Idea: Start small community networks based around free-sharing and mutual support. “Judge not thy neighbours, rather help them and empower them”. Teach and share technology to make Digital Britain happen for everyone, as soon as possible. Harness redundant TV antenna for true wireless community neighbourhood networks. Introduce secure and truly anonymous network layers between community and ISP / Internet.
Idea: Create grass-roots community activity and knowledge-sharing networks, helping the less tech-savvy to come online and join the party. Make democracy take root digitally in every village, town and city, bringing everyone into the voting community and giving everyone a true vote and voice, then continue the debate about the future of Britain in the 21st Century, once it’s a real debate with lasting consequences.
Idea: Approach the open-source software community for a build of an operating systems software engineered to permanently network Britain anonymously and securely, in every home, office and school, independently of any central information hubs or controls, once the program code that runs the country is open, free, secure, and no longer based on proprietary systems, then talk about bio-metrics and identity cards.
EVERYBODY SAY: ‘I am a free human being and I will not be dictated to or controlled”. Believe it. It’s true. The order of law should and will one day protect that truth, not enable it’s circumvention in the name of ‘Political Correctness’, ‘Health and Safety’, or ‘National Security’.
BELIEVE THAT. It’s vital. Our grandparents and a whole generation fought and died for that truth, and now our own authorities keep micro-managing our lives and legislating our personal freedoms away to the detriment of our for-bearers sacrifice.
Would you believe my Grandparent’s generation resented the intrusion of means-testing and quite rightly believed that the government had no business in knowing the minuscule details of their lives?
It’s a far cry from the world of “We’re going to overtax you until your balls ache, and then if you are of ‘low income’, we’ll ‘tax credit’ it back to you, world that we live in today, isn’t it?
It’s time for a real change. Register to vote and use your democratic will like never before. Rally, Stand and *Make a Difference*. Everyone can in this Democracy and that can still be what makes Britain Great.
Let’s Prove it.
(Why am I the only one thinking outside of the box? 🙂 If we’re going to stand up and fight for real change, fairness, honesty, honour, justice and freedom, at every level of our society, let’s re-think it from the grounds-up, with every free citizen working on it, and see what kind of future we can truly enshrine for the coming generations.)
Chris Asher
P.S. Potentia Vobiscum = May the Force be with You. I hope it will. 😎

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Occasional coder, dabbler in computers' networking and internet systems architecture, and once-upon-a-time graphic designer. Also makes games.

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