Jedi Reiki:- Rebel Healing and Consciousness Activism in the 21st Century

In line with the traditions of Reiki and Jedi spirituality as they are developing in the world at the moment, this document is an initial act to form a new school of thought consciously directed towards creating a spiritually-aligned and non-denominational school of principles that is rooted in human compassion, rational thought, principled action and consciously directed healing and energy-work.
The intent is to bring people together in a tolerant and compassionate way that bridges and transcends national, political, religious, monetary and other cultural barriers, and aids in evolving society beyond the global competition for energy.
The goal should be a free and democratic global society based on mutual respect and social inclusion – Where no-one person is left behind and no greater value is placed on anything before the planet Earth, her people, and the right of each person to live individually and without oppression – Within the bounds of a just and truly democratically created and applied international law.
Off the top of my head, anyway.. 😉 I’ve started writing this document because I’ve always known that Reiki and what the Star War’s films describe as The Force are comparably one-and-the-same, and it bothers me somewhat that there is a Jedi ‘Church’ being created and ‘Jediism’ being potentially cult-ified into a religion, (which I feel is the one thing neither Jedi Philosphy or Reiki are and are lucky to avoid being).
Anyways *Peace* 😉
— Chris Asher

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Occasional coder, dabbler in computers' networking and internet systems architecture, and once-upon-a-time graphic designer. Also makes games.