Xen23 Re-Evolutionary News and Technology.

Xen23 Re-Evolutionary News and Technology.
The world is ruled by the people who define the code the network runs on. Our power lies in the choice of what software we choose to use – And how we use it.
The internet cannot be ruled, information cannot be controlled, our personal information – our consciousness integrity and thoughts cannot be raped and ‘data-mined’ by centralised, profit-driven, inhumane institutions UNLESS WE CONSCIOUSLY OR CONSCIOUSLY SUBMIT TO USING NETWORKS AND SOFTWARE THEY PROVIDE.
Technology – The application of scientific advancements – has always been neutral. How humanity applies it and allows it to be used in the 21st century will define the direction this planet takes for the next several hundred years. Currently we are allowing it to be used to ‘tithe’ our personal energy to unseen organisations and forces – Through mediums such as Microsoft, the NSA, Google, Youtube.
Information – data that has no reason NOT to stay personal, hosting on a family cloud or personally-owned computer or network is being ‘outsourced’ and used to manipulate us all into lower-frequency vibrations – consumerism, unconsious submission to the work-routine of 9-5 – without having time to affect or understand what ‘the greater powers’ in the world are really doing.
The Current Model- The ‘NWO’ (Low Frequency) Model:
Yep.. Look out the window. What the mainstream tells us the world is and to think is important.
My model. ;-)..
Love. Be Kind. Exercise Compassionate Understanding to ALL SENTIENCE and DEFEND YOUR RIGHT to CONSCIOUS-NESS INTEGRITY.
Stand. Don’t be afraid. Keep to HIGHER (Unity) VIBRATIONS – ‘The Higher Principles of The LIGHT-Force’. Say ‘Not in MY NAME’. Live Free.
Asher, Chris.

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Occasional coder, dabbler in computers' networking and internet systems architecture, and once-upon-a-time graphic designer. Also makes games.