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Welcome to my little corner of cyber-space! My name’s Chris Asher. I’m a 36 year old dad living in Nottingham, England. This is my digital soapbox. I’m hoping it becomes everybody’s soapbox. 😉
I don’t know what all the answers are. In my ‘teens when I was 18-19 I was looking at the world and thinking we needed a revolution away from the centralised control and ‘political correctness’ that is though-control, and all things mindlessly authoritarian and based on blind faith that is our system.
I was only 18-19 though, and not experienced enough in life to make a noise, so quietly put those ideas down and turned my attention to computers, web design, and self-development / Reiki Healing. I had my first kid at 23 and my second at 28, and have spent the last ten years happily raising them without paying too much attention to the outside world.
And we’ve come 18 years on, and there is Russel Brand telling us not to vote, and that we need a Revolution. I can find a Facebook feed or page for every issue I was bothered by when I was a kid, and everything ‘Alternative’ that was hard to study and find teachers for in the 80’s and 90’s is just there – available for us all to research.
And we’re still left as powerless peoples’. A world full of good people, living for ‘Democracy’, who just want mainly not to be bothered, have a good home and know that they can survive and raise their families’ in peace and safety. But wars keep happening. Politicians cater to global banks rather than pointing out peoples’ should own their currency, not private institutions.
We’re left as angry peoples’. With little faith in ‘Democracy’ when ‘Capitalism’ is a far cry from what Democracy in a Digital Age ought to and can be. We leave people without water and go to war for oil, because life is cheaper than their commodities to the power-brokers of the world.
We work, because the system is tipped against us that we stop then our survival is threatened, our ‘survival tickets’ of ‘money’ will be withdrawn. Our livelihoods and homes can be taken so better not to rock the boat.
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We keep our head downs and do what we can, whilst the ‘masters sell arms, stand for no honour or principal that I can see, and poor people are sent to war against people just like them – For our ‘job creation’, ‘national “defence”‘, because of the fear and hatred caused by those with so little human compassion or care, they should never have been let near the reigns of power.
But that’s the world we grew up in. The chains were wrought and plans made and deceptions in place before most of us were born. The Global Banking Cartel’s were in control long before they started realising they could use TV to hypnotize us, too.
So for us to decide on what future we are going to manifest needs us all talking, debating, organising like we never have before. That’s why I’ve put up, why I’ve started putting articles back online. Because if we’re going to fight this we need to organise, and I believe we all need to think outside of the box. I’m hoping my writings here will provoke that. 🙂



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Occasional coder, dabbler in computers' networking and internet systems architecture, and once-upon-a-time graphic designer. Also makes games.

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