Cancer Research

This is me trying to sort through facts and fiction on the internet after several weeks of trawling and investigating information on the ‘net.
Plan being: Take first impressions, assess facts, draw initial conclusions.
Document notes, links and evidence.
Provide Holistic approach to cancer treatment incorporating: Alkaline Diet; Cannabis Oil; Hemp Seed Oil; N.L.P. (Self/Meta-Reprogramming) with guided visualisations (focusing on encouraging the body’s immune system to recognise cancerous cells); Daily routine with regular grounding exercises; Reiki Energy Therapy to accelerate the healing process and maintain holistic balance.
Cancer Research, First Thoughts.
People are being lied to. That’s my first thought. Cancer is a huge industry post-diagnosis. Cancer prevention would be much less profitable. People are dying and being left bereft of hope because of the profit motive and a systematic discrediting with dis-information of free, safe, and non-invasive treatments.
Not an un-controversial initial thought I know, however it is the first impression open-minded internet research on Cancer and Cancer cures has left with me with, which I’ll present here.
My only evidence for this right now is an apparent ‘Truth Embargo’ on Canniboid research and Hemp Oil, (in particular Rick Simpson’s testimony that his evidence is being actively ignored by the Canadian Medical Association), and the simple fact that we all already ‘know’ that there isn’t a cure for cancer, even though Cannabis has never being proved not to – It speaks more to conspiracy and cover-up than real scientific investigation, at first glance. I’ll investigate that angle further, too, later.
It’s not the fact these things have never been proven to work, it’s the medical and legal establishments total bias against even considering they might work and researching it openly. And that the media and government treats it like a closed-case despite the lack of scientific evidence that cannabis causes any kind of harm, and in spite of mounting evidence to the contrary. WHY is it a controlled substance? WHY is there no real open debate? WHY aren’t we basing LAWS on FACTS?
It seems that everyone is shouting ‘Prove It!’ regarding Canniboids / THC – But those that attempt to do so risk their career, reputation, license, or funding, should they attempt to take a stand on it.
How whether a herb that has grown naturally for millennia, and undoubtedly has pain-relieving qualities, is denied to people suffering chronic illnesses, (or the after-effects of modern medicines radiation approach to Cancer treatment), is in my eyes a breach of the Hippocratic Oath to ‘Do No Harm’, in the first place, and I’m increasingly tired of the mindless hypocrisy of the authorities.
So this is my plan – To research alternatives properly, and present the evidence here. Maybe it’s all cock-and-bull – the internet is an unreliable thing, after-all. However, the closed-mindedness of medical professionals working in an industry dedicated to providing care and cure seems crazy to me – Excepting the possibility that, being forced to make a choice, they have to value being able to provide continuing care in the profession they choose over speaking out over a controversial subject.
It seems a simple divide-and-conquer tactic on the part of those with great control, and few morals.
Interesting Facts
THC reduces tumor growth in mice. Injected directly into tumours shows reduction of tumors.
New York Times article – Cancer sends a signal ‘Do not attack me’ signal that prevents the bodies immune system from attacking it. (Our body is strong enough to fight cancer, it just doesn’t know to!). They are developing a drug that stops the ‘Do not attack’ signal the cancer cells produce and allows the body’s immune system to destroy the cancer itself. This has been tested and works on tumours in lab animals.
Rick Simpson ‘Running from the Cure’ – Presents many testimonials that THC Oil cured cancer. Presents evidence that they tried to present real evidence and witnesses weren’t allowed to testify. Many many articles to same effect that refined hemp oil turned the tide against cancer.
Marijuana research illegal – Why? Medical professionals not even allowed to discuss in states for risk of losing career, license, etc. Politicians immediately face ridicule and derision, (in much the same way taking UFO encounters seriously did in the last 50 years, now that I come to think about it). Why why why? Even only as incredible pain relief, why have we been raised and conditioned being taught it’s better to swallow a pill that is manufactured than use something that is natural?
Cancer growth worldwide in last 100 years since Hemp banned for commercial / control reasons.
My thoughts as a Reiki Master
Treat the root cause it at the heart of the holistic ethos. My belief is that tumours are a symptom and that attacking them with radiation and surgery is ignoring root causes – Acid / Processed Diet, Lack of Canniboids, lack of connection to nature and grounding in the Earth’s biofield (for releasing toxicity and negative energies / Lack of information + Understanding imparted to the patient in regards to what cancer is, how it grows because the body doesn’t know to fight it, not that it cant.
Positivity and a total change in routine, diet, and approach to life can quite likely make a difference, and the effective ‘death sentence’ medical science gives in providing no options other than cut, poison or burn, without providing all the alternative data and proper education about the condition and the most modern research, is again a failing of medicines duty of care. Cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline and oxygen-high diet.Canniboids are being proven to have an effect in tumour reduction and put on Cancer protocols around the world.
Modern medicine needs to catch up and take responsibility for the lack of options and real information they provide about what is going on in the world at the moment.
Evidence – Scientific
What do we know about cancers? What kinds are there?
How long have we known about them? What approached has science and medicine tried? What hasn’t been tried? What works and what doesn’t?
Evidence – Anecdotal
References and Bibliography
Authors and Doctors / Professionals (Personages Mentioned)
Rick Simpson –

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