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I found this diary/note on my computer from a ‘low’ day a few months back, and decided to share it here. It wasn’t something I intended to post online and was more for sorting my own thoughts and reflections on the last few years.
However I thought I’d put my money where my mouth is with the website and post it on here. I want the forums to be somewhere people are free to be themselves and share their thoughts, ideas, and who they are in a friendly environment.
.. So, Yo, I’m Chris. .. This is where I’ve been for the last couple of years.. And it seems pertinent what with the election and whatnot, and might get the ball rolling here. :-) Don’t vote these people in again unless you want blood on your hands. Simples.

Dear David,
I’m writing to apologise as I feel I let you and the country down this week. I had another low week in my depression and seriously wanted to end my life to end the burden on the people around me. I understand it’s a symptom of my illness and I’m that unlikely to ‘follow through’ with it; however it’s still hard, not coping – and trying to be a good dad – and not understanding what is happening inside your own head. All whilst juggling mandatory ‘How to impress an employer’ courses for the small amount each week you’re gracious enough to allow me and my two kids to live on from week-to-week, or be sanctioned and risk it all. Stress, upon stress, upon trying to get well, whilst I’m not fit for employment. I love your modern torture routine.
But I digress – I know understanding the issues of poor, ill or disabled people isn’t something you concern yourself with, and won’t waste your time with incidentals such as the people you kill and the lives you destroy with your efreet sanctimonious self-serving ideology, and will get to my apology to you and Mr ‘IDS’ – Your good and ‘Right Honourable’ (Rofl) selves.
You see, I’m still here. It’s the third time you’ve pushed me to the edge with your bureaucratic bullying and systematic dehuminisation of any kind of pride or self-respect – in the space of as many years since I found myself unable to work like I used to, and have been reliant on the understanding and compassion of Atos and DWP to be able to ‘make end meets’ .. Well, to make ends slightly less further apart eack week, anyway.
I can understand your chagrin that it would have been another positive statistic to report ‘Off the books’, as long as you can keep telling people the numbers are improving. I know it would have been a service to my country to follow through and cease to be the ‘scrounger’ and sub-class individual you’ve made it clear to me that I am.
I know choosing life in spite of your murderous genocide against the ill, poor, old and disadvantaged is not the ‘All in it Together’ attitude you expect of us layabouts, however I had to choose to live for my kids, and in the belief that it’s still possible to create a world for them to grow up in where murderous compassionless warmongers such as yourself are found proper treatment and kept safe from harming society further.
So really David I’m sorry to let you down, it seems I’ve a little fight left in me yet. My name is Asher and I’m coming for you – and your kind. The ‘New World Order’ will be just that – An end to the old one you serve first. This is a democracy, yes? .. ?
I wonder how many people are with me and how many are with you and the banks and the Rothschilds and with the ‘Elite’ 1%
I’d get running now. Welcome to the New Age.
Yours Sincerely,
Chris Asher @Xen23V-AP

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