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Immigrants and ethnic or religious groups are not the problem.
The lack of sovereignty of the peoples of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is. The Mother of All Parliaments as the equivalent of a American state in the ‘US of EU’ super-state just isn’t what we were sold. (If any of these trade discrimination laws mean a thing, we’re due a refund! 😉 ) I don’t believe all of our European cousins in France, Germany, Spain, Italy,Turkey, Greece and Poland and the rest don’t necessarily not feel the same, either.
Maybe it is time for a European super-state of ‘The United States of Europe’ because as ‘they’ say -“‘We just can’t compete on our own in a Global Economy”. So we need this ‘USEU’ – With a standing army of its own – and we need our hard-fought national democracies to be superceded by new EU ‘Regions’ and regulations that, bit-by-bit, replace our Presidents and Prime Ministers and MPs with the conditioned emissaries of Brussels.  These faceless people whom add layers of cost and oversight and numbing regulation and bureaucracy to our already-overburdened national systems.
Maybe we need that.
So how come we all missed the referendum on that one?
‘Free Market’ .. Sounds great.
But maybe it isn’t time, too. Maybe more of us Europeans – including Britons, are still naive enough to believe that we are permitted a voice and are entitled to be heard in our own Nations about our own Nations’ futures’, without outside Brussels oversight.
That we have the right to say that we want the sovereignty of our Nations and Parliaments and Councils – that sovereignty that more than one generation fought for and many died for in every EU country.
They all fought for freedom and for their families and for their countries in the face of tyranny. Not for the US-EU to legislate our individual national identities away to mindless bureaucracy and the thought-control of political correctness 50 years later.
Maybe we should be allowed to defend our individual, sovereign, democratic countries and the sovereignty of our Police Forces and Fire and Rescue services and Health service from outside influence without being accused of xenophobia and racism.
I think if the obvious mainstream bias again the UKIP is true and they actually are blaming immigrants for coming here then they are totally wrong; however the more you talk to the UKIP men and women (of all backgrounds) and dig past the tabloid ‘anti-glamour’ they are rained with, the more they seem sober, sane and hardworking people, who have some fairly valid points that are critical to the future of what this nation even is, and where we are heading.
Economic migration is inevitable in a superstate such the USA, EU or Russian Federation to more affluent areas, and the more Milliband and the rest ignore the pressures on public services from increasing population and spins political slurs and attacks – Accusing the irrational argument of ‘Racism’ to avoid the real and valid points Farage is making to so obviously run away from the real underlying issue, the more I think Farage looks like the one sane and honest man with his finger on the political pulse of what actual normal British people – of every colour – are concerned about.
It appears to be him who is trying to have a real conversation and is being totally spun at in retaliation by the Westminster parties – with the exact discriminatory and belittling of the issues that they are accusing him of with their calls of bigotry and racism.  They avoid the real issue about the lack of our own power in the same way that the Tories call ‘Full retreat!’ on the issues of establishment paedophilia and the genocide they perpetrate on vulnerable people in the name of their class-eugenics / survival-of-the-fittest ideology.
And even if he and The UKIP are biased towards people who’s families have lived here longer, its hard to take the ‘He’s racist! Don’t listen to him! We have the moral high-ground!!’ sans-parody line from conservative and Labour establishments that pick the cottaging Tony Blair and paedophile-protecting and appeasing David Cameron as the ‘Right and Honourable’ arms-selling and war-mongering Prime Ministers of our once-great nation.
Let us pick politicians that want to be accountable and take a stand against the real sickness in society rather than those Westminster cronies who “Wouldn’t want a witch-hunt” (!!) against institutionalised establishment abusers of innocent children.
Let’s pick real people who speak from the heart and would be a scourge to this sickness at any – and every – level, be it military, parliamentary, royal and nobility, or in the secret and intelligence services. People who don’t have a vested interest in ‘Not bringing the establishment down’ because “The paedophilia is at an industrial level”.
Let’s pick parties who talk about facts and issues and real choices with substance rather than the same old-world-order rhetoric and spin about austerity and the system is working fine the way it has always been.
We can’t clear house or have real change without sovereign power of the democratically elected British people, and that sovereignty is no longer our own. I like that the UKIP is a democratic party internally too, and want accountability and people-up democracy rather than having a party whip.
It’s refreshing, compared to the power held by a few, and policy mandated from the top-down attitude of the old, Westminster parties. That combined with the idea of being able to recall councilors and MPs makes it very appealing as an alternative to me. .. And that’s from a left-wing hippy!! 🙂
So I see it this way – Child and people-trafficking and institutionalised abuse is rife. And the power to change things is being moved to Brussels. I personally believe there is enough wealth and energy to go around (even with current immigration numbers) in a sustainable, resources-based way, however currency is another major issue. Not having the power to effect control over these major issues ourselves as a ‘democratic nation’ anymore is the underlying real issue.
Tories and Labour obfuscate on immigration because they don’t dare say ‘We don’t have the legal power’ to the nation. Border and immigration control have always been important here and expecting the UK Government to have a handle it has always been a given – Until the last few decades.
My kids are half-american and their mother had to fight like hell to get what the home office calls ‘indefinite leave to remain’ in the UK – Even with us married and with my kid born here, (and with many more hoops to jump through to if she wanted to apply for citizenship).
Australians and Americans and Africans and many others with families here do not have the right to come here indiscriminately – And WE have had that control for 100’s of years. The establishment ‘leaders’ and their ‘mainstream media’ holler “UKIP is racist!” “Farage is a bigot!” …  And smoothly avoid talking about the reality of the UK controlling our own borders IS AGAINST EU LAW.  Along with many, many other laws and layers of legislature, we are more and more becoming a nation state in a federalised Europe.
Simple. Fact.
Let’s talk about it? You racist twat.
So IF its about race… IF they’re racist… As-in, discriminatory against others. Meaning.. they prioritise one group of people above another on the basis of their race..? OMG.
How is it we have scrutiny and control over which of our United States brothers and sisters – with whom our government always claimed a ‘special relationship’ with – over who of them can move and settle here. And Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc. But our EU friends and cousins have free reign.
Seems pretty discriminatory to me. All because the others aren’t ‘European enough’ for our unelected political masters in Brussels.
Racist much?
How did this ‘Free Trade’ deal become this Nation-state mentality with supreme power residing elsewhere?  Is it what we want? Why isn’t immigration balanced, controlled and non-discriminatory one way or another on all fronts and not just the non-EU ones, and why don’t we have the power as the British people to change it, either way!?
Real change requires national sovereignty. First we need our democratic power as free peoples in democratic nations and then we need to clear house through our establishment and banking / monetary systems.
Hell, let’s invite Iceland to join the United Kingdom and follow their lead with their fantastic out-of-the-box solution to the banking crisis. Oh, you watch the BBC? You might not have heard about that revolution they had over there. 😉
As a real grass-roots-up democratic party UKIP could deliver a debate on a constitution that defines 21st Century ‘Britishness’, our ‘nobility’ and whether we keep or change them or not, and our future democratic Parliamentary system, our currency and the direction of the nation for the next 100 years.
.. Based on what actual normal British people debate and decide ..
Democratically, without establishment and media bias.
Not sure the Bilderbergers, Banking Cartel Mafia or ‘The EU President’ will like that, though.
What was his name again?

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