A vision for Britain.

I mean, I dream of a better world for all of us – Starting here, but it’s got to transcend national boundaries too.  There’s a drive by our countries for a ‘New World Order’ – The old world order’s take on how they re-brand themselves, preserve their power-base and ensure we and our descendants are happy with our allotted place as the capitalist equivalent of indentured slaves.
The media doesn’t report on the agenda, and our politicians are either oblivious or complicit.  Talk of the ‘Who owns the world’ and ‘How to regain control from the bankers’ is so far off the agenda that we’re promoting conflict and war to the contrary goal of putting a Rothchild central bank in every country that need ‘Democratising’.
Our ‘Peace Envoy’s sell arms.  Reasons for wars on drugs, terror, anything that can continue to promote fear and aggression, are absolutely the priority of a media complicit in the top-down approach of a ‘don’t rock the boat’ attitude of controlling information.
Establishment pedophilia and forced social service adoptions, that barely make the news let-alone get investigated properly, with laws to protects the royal and privileged whilst at the same time legal aid is withdrawn for the poor and disabled – who can’t afford to eat but are depicted as ‘scroungers’ or worthless by tabloids and media that should be there reporting the reality.

About the author


Occasional coder, dabbler in computers' networking and internet systems architecture, and once-upon-a-time graphic designer. Also makes games.
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