Dear Mr P.M ‘Dave’ (You lowlife f**kwit). #panamapapers #panamagate #FTNWO #changethedebate #pmqs

I don’t know.  I don’t know what happened to the country I believed I grew up in.
Maybe those ideas; the idea of social equality, of a compassionate society, in moral progress, were all just that – Ideas.
It certainly seems like freedom of speech, any kind of personal privacy, and an un-biased and un-controlled centralised media are certainly already nostalgic whims of the 20th Century – If only due to the apathy, (and perhaps lack of understanding), in the freedoms already stolen from us that we took for granted as ‘the norm’ growing up in the eighties and nineties – before the 9/11 scam, and the introduction of the firm idea that ‘Big Brother Knows Best’.
I think maybe it is the fluoride in the water.  It’s about all that makes any kind of real sense.  Apathy.  Don’t Rock The Boat.  Believe in the Banking class. Trust ‘the 1%’.  Austerity is Real.  Just a bit more blind faith.  They’re all in it with us.  We’re in it together!  Really.  Honest Guv.   Bilderbergers?  Rothschilds?  Corrupt monetary system?  Don’t know what you mean.  Conspiracy Theorist!!  Quick, turn on the BBC.  Ahh, back to pedo-run normality.
—  So I’m writing this blog post as an alternative to either a suicide note I was going to write or just getting on with the act itself.  I thought before the electricity runs out and the painkillers kick back in I’d take the time to commend our great and good Prime Minister on the noble choice of accepting a small pay rise ‘For the people’, as it were.
It must have been a tough choice to not do the obviously sensible, (morally and politically, you would think?), thing of not accepting a 7k pay increase during this mass-delusional idea of ‘Austerity’ (to whit- “We’re keeping what we’ve stolen and killed for over generations and don’t mind keeping killing the poor and weak to continue doing so”);  And to bravely face and take the inevitable public back-lash on the chin for the sake of the (once) good and esteemed Office of British Prime Minister.  God how far we have fallen.
I’m sure future PM’s will be looking back to you in awe ‘David’ that you ‘Took one for the team’.   “All in it together”, after-all.  Just as you said.  They’ll be able to have one hand in their pocket with that extra roll of fifties that they can assure people is there for ‘Charitable Giving’ whenever a br.. helping hand is needed.
They will be able to ‘CG’ their way to the Lords and maybe even a future Knighthood in the sound knowledge that they don’t need to take tough moral stands themselves, or set any kind of real example, or even put good to their own words and rhetoric.
They’ll be comfortable in the knowledge that ‘British P.M.’ is internationally understood as a cushty job devoid of any real moral clout or weight, simply accepted as a stepping-stone on the Blair-ordained path of subservience to wealth and corporate greed, morally absolved from their totally detachment from the world of reality wherein they break the backs of the poor and disadvantaged, send killer drones to murder innocents, and wage wars in the pure pursuit of wealth and greed.
All because P.M. DAVE made it clear that some things you can change as leader of our sovereign (*cough*) country – But taking to task for delusional increases the people that awards his salary, and making, if nothing else, a solid gesture to normal people, by perhaps not accepting the increase, (and thusly leaving it to one of those future PM’s to have to decide the issue), clearly setting an example of at least a modicum of understanding of the pain, death and suffering caused by these bold-faced lies about ‘Austerity’ – NOT IN OUR COUNTRY!!
Pay Up.  Now.  We might need a new moat for the country house, or to send a chauffeur back to fetch the kids from the pub before the paparazzi gets there.  AND there’s a really nice pig farm just down the road from the town house that has come up for sale, too!
It makes me proud to be English and to be British in this country Prime Minister.
You were on my mind as I’m considering this wrist-slitting thing purely because I’m disabled and I can’t stand up properly and I’m sick of the constant pain.  Well, the depression thing is kicking me pretty hard too, but I am on the tail-end of 3 years of ‘Partially Fit For Work’ as you say I am, and I’m pretty beat and weary just from getting f-a support as I’m not considered ‘Sick’ thanks to your wonderful, attentive, and diligent ATOS assessors deciding 3 years ago that my doctors / GP “don’t know best” and that their semi-trained data-input chimps had a much clearer understanding of my health and medical conditions than my long-term, continually-involved and medically-trained health professionals that signed me off as ‘Unfit to work’ in the first place.
As I say, I’ve been this way a few years now and you’re on my mind ‘Dave’, as I just received the semi-regular ‘YOU HAVE A SANCTION-ABLE INTERVIEW’ text – in the town that is a £30 cab ride away (each way), that is somewhat of a struggle to get to, given that I can’t stand without pain, ride in a vehicle without the same, or as it happens today – [had to go and spend money on keeping the electric on again.  Have you EVER – Even ONCE David, lived in a house where the electric turns off when you run low?] – afford a bus journey even if I could manage to get to a bus stop and manage to sit on the bus for the 50 minutes each way this week.
Your ‘PeoplePlus’ contracted people that sent me the text tell me I’m “Clearly not fit for work”, however they don’t/won’t tell your DWP people who contract to them and like to threaten ‘sanctions’ (i.e. “Fuck you that you’re ill – You aren’t eating and the kids aren’t having a movie this weekend, are you’ll be starving yourself for 3 days once they’re back with their mum.”), as often as possible rather than get feedback off their contractors’ beyond ‘Did they attend?  Okay you’re getting your money.’, or offer any kind of actual support, and much prefer to string the Sword of Damocles up as often as they possibly can.
You’ve made it clear Disabled = Worthless Dave.  I got that already.  Could you just try to let the front-line people that actually want to help us do what you tell them they’re responsible for, rather than compartmentalise and restrict them all and limit their powers and finances to the point of ineffectiveness and uncaring?
I’m damn sure you could probably learn a few things about compassion, principle, and understanding of normal people just by letting half of your front-line workers make decisions themselves and take responsibility for their roles rather than under-whelming them with targets, monitoring, ‘job roles’ and ceaseless pointless compartmentalisation and layers of ‘regulations’ and ‘policy’ that detracts from their actual work of helping, caring, and serving others. (Lol, safe to say that concept is waay too ‘far out’ for you).
Maybe I’ll lose another weeks money again for missing this appointment in 6 hours.  Sure as hell know I won’t be making it as I write this to you.  I’ll probably forward a link when I post this, happy to give a ‘Heads Up’ to People Plus who assure me they have a ‘Duty of Care’ to me, as they shuffle paperwork for you, get their nice government contract salaries, and are absolutely ineffective for me – as an ill person, as an disabled person, who is regularly threatened and forced to jump through their bureaucratic hoops for you, under threat of fiscal sanctions – Usually at the expense of my health and making my mobility worse in trying to comply with your demands.
Funny thing is, I want to work and hate ‘benefits’.  I’m trying to get well, (without any of the support I imagined a disabled person would get in this supposedly once-great society), but I can’t eat healthily, stay warm, or get fit to work – Because you and your kind are too busy killing me instead.
Maybe my GP had it right 4 years ago and I’ve needed some support since I ‘made a claim’ for ESA.  The £45/week you forced me to live on for the first YEAR between having to make a claim for ESA and being on your ‘assessment’ rate until ATOS could manage to pull their fingers out was rough, MAYBE if a doctor says someone is sick, you should consider affording them as much money at least as an able-bodied ‘Work-seeker’ receives?
Not being greedy there by the way, just to let you know.  I suspect Mr IDS may have conveniently lost the fact / figures about this for you too, or simply not informed you, (‘Plausible deniability’ and all), but – Here’s the shock Dave. .. it actually costs MORE to have a LESSER standard of basic living when disabled.
I’ll let that sink in for you Mr PM.  – It probably would have helped you if you’d had that basic knowledge a few years ago, or when it came to choosing Dept Work & Pensions, or Health Secretaries, I would imagine.
You might have been able to make intelligent choices instead.

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