One Way Ticket to Amsterdam (Synopsis)

In a dark and terrible corporate future free fun has been outlawed, and recreational drug use and partying are capital offences punishable only by death – and more taxes!!
Our heroes are revived from stasis by the last disciples of Buddy C., embarking on a last-ditch offensive against the global corporate oligarchy (GCO), risking life and limb to save the world and rally the Hemp Knights of the Hedonistic Resistance to S.M.I.L.2E. – And save free fun and partying for future generations!

Their quest across the States, Caribbean and Europe takes them to recover Marley’s Last Reefer, Jimi’s Seed and Keith’s Mystical Stash, and is thwarted at every step by a hidden enemy and the grey-faced agents of the G.C.O.
Only with the resistances help can our heros reach The Last Coffeshop in Amsterdam before the Last Good Bass-line is played forever, and mountain dew, catnip, decaf coffee and low-calorie beer are left remaining as the only intoxicating substances left on planet Earth!
… Okay, so I was blatantly thinking a J+SB movie 😀
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