Return to Innocence. Characteristics of the New Age.

Return to Innocence.  Characteristics of the New Age.
Innocence .. Fear and Hatred as the basis of attitude towards others and decision-making processes cannot continue. Why not? Because we’ve witnesses and re-imagined the gamut of human experience through the eyes of television and of history. I believe we can choose to continue to live in ignorance, or to choose to make the 21st Century a Truly Enlightened Century.
Ignorance? Ignorance is believing that a family on the other side of the world is different from you because of where they live, or that a person living alone across the street from you is different because they have different coloured skin, or that the teenagers passing you on the street are different because they are wearing an usual style of clothes.
Ignorance is thinking that you are powerless, or that your opinion doesn’t matter, or that every thought and action that you consider or take can have a massive affect on your world around you and on a ore global and universal scale. 21st Century thinking is about counting the people on the planet and working together until we realise there is no ‘they’, or if there is that is isn’t any of us.
Global Consciousness. It’s a great term with little practical follow-up as far as I can tell. Capitalism just crashed and burned and it’s like the perople who like the status quo are desperate to pick up the cart off the road, bolt the wheels back on as quickly as possible, and get the horses limping off down the road again before anyone has time enough to question the direction in which the cart is going. Let’s choose something different.
As a parent the one crime .. well the biggest crime of conscience I think I could commit in my lifetime is to stand back and allow the status quo to continue, to just tell me kids – “It’s Okay! We didn’t change or re-balance a single damn thing! The corporations are still more important that the people that they employ, banks and large institutions still hold all the cards and all the power, and all you’ve got to do kids is work, pay pay and pay, and never once question the ones who we are giving our money to. It’s okay kids, we just let them carry on..”
Whats different now then?
I guess the question becomes can we return to innocence without naivety? Let’s start by pulling together as individual communities, then worry about the larger issues of how the system works and whether the monarchy and europe are good ideas or not. Create new and innovative and useful systems of mini-demoncracy and barter economies. Utilise and harness the advanced and incredible communications tools that are now available to us to create new methods of holding communities together.
For Christ’s sake let’s pull the Pub back from the claws of the intellectual snobbish elite and the mindless economically-driven fear-sayers. Let’s leave the big decisions for the welbeing of the Country to the ones we choose and trust to make them, let’s make the decisions about who is allowed on a piece of property and what they may do there the decisions of the people owning the property, as long as they are causing no harm to others, or as long as all participants are there consensually. Hows about that? Treat an adult population like adult and maybe even treat a child population like they live in a media society, and a teaching population like they actually have some ideas about how they can relate to and teach their kids themselves??
Ahh crazyness, I know.. Let’s just keep the economy going.. It’ll be fine.. couple of generations more of Capitalism and it’ll all be hunkey-dorey, you’ll see.. We are speculating that the Yacht Industry will be the way to go, with all this Global Warming and Icecaps melting.. We’ll survive, we’re rich, after all.. And there’s some fantastic new bio-dieseases and epidemics that we are mutating for future consideration as means of population control.. It’s all good.. Let’s just get the banks back on top again.. Give ‘em a bit of cash.. Ignore those little people down there, they don’t count.. They’re not real, you see.. They just count as ‘Votes’ once every four years or so, but even then look as us, it’s not like we got any of those, but we’re still here at #10…
England.. Free again? Can you imagine that? Have we actually ever been, or have we just been hapless ’subjects’ too unwilling to see or act upon how we are getting screwed, or so indoctrinated into this being ‘the way it is’ that we feel morally obliged to keep a ’stiff upper lip’, and pretend that slavery to this pathetic, lying joke of a system that causes wars against the laws of the very system that our grandparents generation fought for and decided was best in defending the principals and liberty of this nation and it’s allies, and most sensible in preventing the terrible destruction and loss of life of out pasts..
Venting now, not even sure that last bit completely made sense..
‘United Alliance of the Peoples, Tribes and Nations of Earth’

Technologically Advantaged .. Enlightened view of Technology ..
Is there enough food produced in the world, to feed all of the people in the world?
If yes, how can it be distributed effectively that no-one is left hungry, if no, how can production first be increased?
Why is there not a big international.. Why does it take decades to solve this problem? Why is international self-interest more important than basic humanity? (This goes for the drug companies, too). It always boils down to the power being in the hands of the bad guys, not in the hands of the Government. It’s probably safe to assume that if we had a leader with balls, who actually wanted to make things better, we’d find that there were a million and one reasons they couldn’t do it.. So maybe it just comes down to us people pulling together and managing to ‘Rough It’ together, until we pull through with a better way of co-survival and international tribal co-operation.
Why is it we’re so afraid to admit we are a primitive peoples, for all out vaunt about ‘civilization’. No-one anywhere is really that different from any other tribe, just somehow we let someone, somewhere, deceive us into thinking that there are just, moral, or right reasons for causing pain, death and suffering on other tribes, for reasons of tribal self-preservation or for fear of being ‘got first’ (45 minutes, remember..).
End the fear. End this old primates running the tribe, too. Get in there and make a difference. If we aren’t the generation that can and does, fuck knows who will be, or if they’ll ever get a chance between paying their tax bills and sandbagging the house.

How can software technology be developed to effectively increase personal security and data and to effectively enhance democracy.
Assume: Secure voting system.
Initially a monthly, weekly voting system, ultimately a real-time vote registration system, fluid democracy, with the full participation of every citizen globally and events / issues created and directed by intelligence choice of all individuals concerned, rather than by party dictate or fear of public opinions at the time.
no more party politics
issues and legislative based system
each bill before the public before before parliament
For this bill you may:
Put x/y/z
discuss, register vote
argue for more clarity
argue for subsection to be dropped
etc. etc.
I’ve heard of them.. Some American idea?? Where did they come from then? What were they escaping from? Oh, really? I’ve heard of them..
Random thoughts
‘economic crisis’
living for less
new barter economy
technological sustaining of society
freevote infrastructure
People realising actually they are quite capable of making most decisions for themselves, and thinking for themselves, and having common sense for themselves, and working out how they want to and are willing to use their language themselves, without needing to be told what is or isn’t acceptable, and that something is unacceptable if someone else ‘might be’ offended by it.. Or that your natural language is ‘Abusive’ if some useless bureaucrat is incapable of simple human urgency or understanding of a situation that is immediately relevant to your life and life-circumstances.
Rant over, consider this a draft that I need to print and work over..

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