Well done the English and Welsh! Now we can re-start and begin to build Democracy again!

John Cleese said it best. The Welsh and the English have spoken: The E.U. is a failed experiment.
The country that built the Mother of Parliaments and lost a generation standing against fascism has resoundingly taken a stand for right in the world again for the first time in many decades.
A remain vote would have been an active acceptance of us becoming a regional state of the federal E.U. super-state. A thing that to my mind, no person in living memory of family members surviving the World Wars could in good conscience want or vote for after having it undemocratically forced upon us for 30+ years. A generation that died for our freedom and would never have opted into the E.U. if they had been honestly informed from the start, will thankfully not be turning in their graves this week.
Take a look at a map and England is still a part of Europe. We were UNITED and ALLIES with our Sovereign European partners LONG BEFORE THE E.U. was orchestrated behind closed doors and sold to us as a ‘Trade deal’. We ‘Brexiters’ can make a distinction between that continent of good neighbours and historic allies next to us and that commission of shadowy lawmakers whom we have never really known, never wanted, and are now free of, even if our / your ‘news’ tells you it is because of our hatred or our fears.
Our media makes us out to be xenophobes. Certainly it seems many vocal ones permitted into the limelight have been. Many of us have sat quietly, with English reserve, hoping things will get better. Hoping our politicians will raise the tone. Hoping even the E.U. would step in and curb the ‘Austerity’ lie. That would at least have proved they had a use or purpose or stood for something better at least. But enough was enough. Now we are in a position to begin to stand for something in the world once more, unencumbered by Eurocrats we have never met, and now will not have to pay attention to ever again.
WE WANT OUT COUNTRY BACK. .. I have never uttered or thought, and it has disappointed me that a discussion that should always have been about sovereignty and the E.U.’s undemocratic control wasn’t mediated and presented by media and politicians as exactly that – rather than tarring any ‘Exiter’ as racist, failing to make the intensely important distinction between ‘Immigration / Border Policy’ and ‘Immigrants’, and directing public frustration at people from other countries that naturally wanted a chance at a better life here rather than properly framing it as a political and legislative issue and tackling the actual, genuine points that groups such as UKIP were making from the very start.
Perhaps with a little more forethought and discernment and education WE WANT OUR SOVEREIGNTY BACK, would have made a good slogan. And this is why I am grateful today. Maybe our farmers will go out tomorrow and be allowed to plant food. Not only that, but THE FOOD THEY CHOOSE. Maybe British Quality Standards will become a thing again. Maybe we’ll heal the backbone of the north and re-start the steel and mining industries. Maybe we will keep open borders and maybe we won’t but IT’S ALL OUR CHOICE NOW. WE GET TO CHOOSE. THAT is THE RESULT. THAT is A VICTORY. THAT WAS A GOOD AND RIGHTEOUS THING TO VOTE FOR AND NEVER DOUBT IT FOR A MINUTE.
Maybe we’ll self-destruct with acrimony, hatred, division, and deceit. Maybe that’s why David Cameron was allowed to allow us a vote in the first place. But maybe then we can call their bluff and now the rest of our brother and sister European nations are in a position to determine their own destinies now, too. Maybe 20 years from now ‘Greater Britain’ will have extended to include the disparate and dejected nations of Europe that would prefer a democratic future. WE get to choose what we decide, offer and accept now, through OUR Parliament, without our being screwed over by legislature that for some insane reason overruled our own Parliament from Brussels.
BRITAIN STILL STAND FOR TOLERANCE. For freedom. For integrity. For fair play. For Principles for Principles sake. We English see how far we have fallen. What we did to the world with Blair, with supporting Bush. For not questioning and demanding a real investigation into 911. We are culpable. We screwed Iraq, Libya, Syria. We are not innocent.
My vision for the future is still the Britain I thought I was raised in – that most now seem to be fearing we never did or will. TOLERANT Britain. COMPASSIONATE Britain. FAIR Britain. MULTI-CULTURAL and ACCEPTING BRITAIN, with a belief in SOCIAL JUSTICE, EQUALITY, and EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL, irregardless of race, religion, colour or creed. That’s what we thought we had and were building and were happy to share in a ‘Free Trade Block’.
To frame the ‘Brexit’ vote as something that isn’t supportive of all these things, just goes to show how much the self-determinism and self-belief of our nation has been fluorided and televised out of us. We ought to take the lesson from this that media lies and fanning the flames of hatred to obey their corporate masters’ agenda’s is one HUGE root problem at the moment.
Let’s accept that maybe, just maaybe, knowing and understanding and being raised with that important fundamental of ‘Freedom of the Press’ as the ability to ‘Scrutinise Power’ being one of the cornerstones of the ideal of Democracy, many of us wanted free of the E.U. as the likes of T.T.P. and T.T.I.P. and T.P.D. were clear indicators that scrutiny of power was not a founding principle of their hoped-for super-state.
Oh nope, we’re racist xenophobes! Maybe we don’t feel free and voted out as even our own voices are not heard on our own media anymore without horrific bias towards exactly what we are speaking out against. Our ‘Unbiased’ BBC. LOL.
I love my countrymen and countrywomen. White. Black. Brown. Gay. Straight. Bi. Transgender. Moslem. Sikh. Christian. Atheist. Druid. Pagan. THE DIVERSITY. And I think every one of you is entitled to your FREEDOM. Your SOVEREIGNTY. So I voted out.
Because, deep down, I believe it’s still the SOVEREIGNTY OF THE INDIVIDUAL that is the way of the future, what these N.W.O. and Bilderberger-types fear the most, and what more layers of centralised legislature and control is never going to enable or support.
Brexit may have been fueled by hatred. My vote certainly wasn’t. What matters is what we build now. What principles or freedoms or direction did we lose from the E.U. that we cannot adopt within our own law? Didn’t Iceland have a few good ideas not long ago?
What example do we want to set in the world now that we are independent again? Perhaps we should invite the Dalai Lama to a State Visit as the official representative of the free peoples of Tibet. That might start to indicate to the world that we still have a desire to stand for the good and the right in the world, if only to begin with.
The point is to be part of making it what YOU WANT rather than decrying less Eurocrat control and more power back in the U.K. Parliament as a bad thing. What needs to change now in the U.K. is the belief that people are powerless, that there isn’t ‘enough to go around’ – the whole ‘austerity’ lie, and that the ‘New World Order’ can’t be derailed and a better future be planned for the other 99% starting RIGHT NOW.
We’re all still human, and we all still love our land and our countries, and we all still want peace and prosperity for our families and friends. The enemy creating the obstacles to that isn’t defined by colour, language, religion, nationality or creed, it’s defined by their inhumanity, lack of compassion, belief in greed, ‘profits for profits sake’ and that inhumane Capitalist belief in ‘economics’ over people.
We can begin to build a sustainable world where, if we need one, a ‘Government’ reflects the needs and wants of the people whom it represents, never forcing them to conform to it’s economic needs, or serving the agenda of lobbyists the ilk of which dream up such things as the T.T.I.P. To say we’re just racist or backwards or regressive is just more divisiveness, at a time when we are truly free to change the status quo, possibly for the first and last time in this generation.
It’s what we campaign for now, what the best we can possibly imagine for Britain and campaign and fight for next that’s within our grasp, and it’s worth fighting for because YOUR OPINION AND VOTE COUNTS AGAIN NOW – Our Parliament is SOVEREIGN, it CANNOT be overruled, and when you campaign in your nation and have it enacted in law – IT STAYS LAW AND IS THE ONLY LAW THAT MATTERS NOW.
Rule Brittania. We ain’t no corporate and elite slaves yet.
Nor do any other E.U. ‘nations states’ need to be anymore.
Rule Europa. Just Vote Out.
And keep voting. ;D
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