So listen up y’awpicly fwit lil children an try py attention cos I get maybe ur non all too sharp.
I get ur frustrated so want to rebel but to get pissed off NOW when you’ve been silent on fees the poor disabled and weak.?. Ur not the same caliber that you’d like to think y’are. but you’re not to blame; We let you down let you be educated by lies.
Believe in yourselves but be wary and wise discern deeper truths and look for the lies. We’re older but not dumb we didn’t mean to raise you to be numb, mis-educated and frustrated. BUT freedom’s a right we want you to have, and are doing these things to ensure that you have it.
Freedom to choose for yourselves. Sovereignty of the mind and spirit and laws that are wise, ensuring that your culture isn’t further dissolved, still reflects our long-held values about Democracy and isn’t sold down the river for profits- selling you out, and your future and your children’s.
You’ve got to unite. WE’VE got to Unite. Stand for the right, but, by God… please learn to discern and believe in your rights, to not to be shackled with misinformation or taught that you’re less than you are.. We’re still European, that’s still reason to be proud, it doesn’t mean abandoning your history or the good peoples’ abroad. it’s just We can do better –
..As you should already be sure, if we’d just given you better education for free and said more to stand for you too, to teach you to question, stand on your own authorities’ and not be afraid to question, challenge, and believe that you have the right to stand against the status quo to create something SO MUCH better for yourselves than this.
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