Just meh.

Just meh.

Wanna be able to fucking stand.

Want a cuppa without debating whether it’s worth the pain or trying not to spill it, day 2, grrrrrrr.

Walk to corner shop and up stairs screwed me for the start of the day, sit still and be pissed about being ‘not disabled’ with no fucking support beyond ‘be self employed’ with fuck all way to get around, or keep place vaguely presentable for clients.

Wait on ‘mandatory reconsidertion’ for 6 week from people that purposefully ignore medical evidence and misrepresent the truth at every corner, before being able to appeal for the frigging privilege of being able to afford an occasional cab to get shopping and utilities in.

And ‘start a business’- as we fuck you over with this ‘no discerable mobility or health issues’; even though we had a business plan arranged with you that included the PiP support.

Fuckwits, arseholes, and intentionally malicious bureaucracy to obfuscate the truth of what they are doing, suppored by mainstream media allowing ministers to ignore UN reports, complicit in the quiet starvation, forced homelessness, social murder and culling of vulnerable in our supposedly ‘progressive society’.

I’m 40, well-educated, and can’t even get friends and family to grasp the malicious ineptitude of a system destroyed in 8 short years by these traitors.

I can’t even cope with it. How the hell are others that struggle more with forms- or in UC case, criminally poor websites, designed to frustrate, and limit advisors descision-making powers and communication, even likely able to cope? Oh they aren’t, they’re becoming homeless and DYING.

But the BBC lets the PM and gov. LAUGH about it without repercussions.


How the fuck is ‘Social murder’ entering our language as a term, and there is complacency?

How the fuck can ‘Tyranny’ not be a more correct term, how many people need to lose their jobs, health, or homes, before people give a damn about each other again, about their health service, and common values of just basic decency and holding power to account, and resoundingly saying NO to ideological tyrants, these bloodthirsty warmongers who do nothing more than seek to profit off death and human misery, as long as it’s in a civilised, ‘legal’ way, where the profits go to their offshore accounts.


Murderous fascist arseholes. /grouch.

My knee hurts. Feel slightly better now.

May have to blog more. 🙂

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