#UFOReality and The Alternative Paradigm

E.S.P. is a real thing.

‘UFOs’ are not unidentified, and are real.

There is a global centralised control and censorship of ALL media and journalists.

Anti-gravity and exotic forms of energy have been discovered.

Other beings have been contacted by Governments.

Earth’s history is not what we are told or our kids are taught.

These politicians and groups are intent on maintaining control of energy, of truth, and keeping the majority as cattle or ‘worker class’, dependent on this constructed system of false limitation.

Since J.F.K. the system has been rigged, and the C.I.A. and ‘Operation Mockingbird’ and ‘Operation Paperclip’ are the foundation of the last 60 years of our history.

Still here? πŸ™‚

Okay, SIX YEARS ago now, there was a thing called the ‘Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure’ in The National Press Club in Washington D.C., over 3 days in May 2013.

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

This was differing from a formal hearing, however was headed by U.S. senators and ex-senators, and was a formal setting allowing leading scientific experts in the field of ‘UFOlogy’, as well as military and police witnesses to make statements.

It was held in The National Press Club in Washington and ignored in the ‘news’ media. It included a statement from the ex-Defence Minister of Canada that at least four alien races he has knowledge of have been, and are, visiting our planet. This was the highest ‘ranking’ official to ever make a statement like that.

Speakers there included: Stephen Greer, Richard Dolan, Stanton Friedman, Nick Pope (UK Ministry of Defence), Paul Hellyer (Canadian Defence Minister), Catherine Austin Fitz, […]

Dr Stephen Greer has published two movies on the subject of Disclosure, and the ‘Breakaway Civilisation’ that has been spawned through decades of secret and ‘Special Access Projects’ secrecy and ‘dark money’ funding.

Pentagon UFO/UAP admissions.

Better people than me have documented and highlighted the reality of UFOs, ESP and ‘Remote Viewing’, so I’m writing this update to share my .. and my son’s personal perspective on having seen a UFO (he’s ten and ‘unfiltered’ and fascinated to see the bits of footage they are dripping out at the moment, having been annoyed to see how the subject has been treated, having had a genuine interest in learning about what he had seen).

Which to me was simply a silver disc/oval above rooftops in the distance, with a bright white glow. Clearly constructed in some way. Absolutely still, and silent, despite the normal expectation you would have to feel vibrations from a chopper or plane at that distance. Otherworldly might be a stretch but unnatural, defying conventional physics, certainly.

Once, in a previous year I’d seen a ‘shooting star’.. orange, shooting absolutely horizontally across the horizon, at a decelerating speed, to suddenly vanish at the exact center of my vision. It didn’t seem to ‘fit’ and made me start looking into this subject a few years ago. The encounter with my son happened a good few years later.

There’s an aspect to consciousness that is hard to define but worth a mention …. I got home with my son after we saw that, started cooking and totally forgetting all plans to return outside with a camera or to try and get to an angle to see out of a window over the rooftops again .. or discussing with him again until months later. Seemed totally out-of-reality as we understood it, yet slipped my mind for a while before remembering something that unusual..

I’m writing this after an evening with my 10 year old son discussing his Native American heritage and had to recall to him the stories of ‘The Star People’ that came to us passed down for generations through oral traditions.

I’ve been fortunate in researching this subject the last few years that I’ve had the time with my mobility issues, and an understanding the ‘nothing to see or talk about’ attitude of worldwide governments and media is certainly contrived, thanks to some personal experience of seeing something ‘kooky’ with me lad. πŸ™‚

For those looking into this subject with ‘new eyes’ thanks to the current Pentagon disclosures. I’d urge you to look at the works of Catherine Austine Fittz- The 23 trillion+ dollars of missing dark money she links to ‘Unacknowledged Special Access Projects’, which Stephen Greer describes in depth in his documentaries about how the truth about advanced technologies is ‘outsourced’ to private contractors in these project to compartmentalise the truth away from freedom-of-information requests. ‘The Dark Journalist’ and Joseph Farrel are two other channels/authors that are worth mentioning.

Historian Richard Dolan has written extensively about UFOlogy from a strictly facts-driven basis as a historian over decades, and has written a book/lecture ‘The Breakaway Civilization’ that describes the funded off the books, through our taxes, ‘other’ society. Ben Rich, of Lockheed Martin ‘Skunkworks’, who developed the stealth bomber, is quoted as saying ‘We already have the technology to take ET home’ at his retirement.

Fundamentally I would urge two things: Discern for yourself. The Pentagon’s ‘Oh we research them but don’t know’ ignores 60 years of research from the above authors and many others.

Secondly, Dr Greer tells a story about UFOs disabling nuclear warheads in a facility and the panic this caused in military minds, and he highlights how the soldiers involved themselves felt calm and at peace, that there was nothing wrong.

Trust your own instincts and intuitions and research with an open mind for yourself. WE have been back-engineering this hardware for 60 years. Don’t accept the controlled-narrative disclosure and seek facts yourself. Reality is sometimes stranger than fiction. πŸ˜‰ (Find the Star Trek: Deep Space 9 episode where Quark goes back to Earth in 1947, and remember what Scooby Doo taught you- that the worst monsters are usually human).


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