Reiki Healing

These Reiki courses are about what I call Consciousness Development, by which I mean extending and expanding our own personal field of experience and perception, gradually and by degrees, such that ultimately you feel centered and empowered, capable of using your own intuitive perceptions to heal others and to be able to channel healing and empowering energies into the physical and emotional planes of existence.. our world, the planet Earth and all the natural and sentient life that is co-existing upon it with us here.

The methods I use for providing these course are on-line tutorials, email digests and discussion-points, and on-line forums and chat rooms for groups discussions, (as well as space for sharing of thoughts, ideas, journals, mediations and any other inspirational material that gets included in the mix).

This system builds from the Traditional Usui-Shiki-Ryoho Method of Natural Healing and includes concepts from many other sources to create and provide a comprehensive and effective system for self-development, energy-work and shamanic self-development.

Reiki is about energy. It is fundamentally the energy of existence, described by the name ‘Chi’ or ‘Ki’ in Chinese and Japanese philosophy, Prana in the Indian traditions and has many other names in other cultures.

I perceive it as a universal energy that is persistently available to us on this plane of existence, that can only be keyed into and channeled into this time-line by human intent, and the use of symbols.

It has the power and capacity to cause physical changes and movements within our bodies and personal energy fields, as well as in the energy-fields of plants, animals, situations, events, societies and planets.

Traditional Usui-Reiki is a system of learning to use this universal energy in a principled and disciplined way to effect the cause of healing in the recipients’ body and aura, so long as the healing, positive change and release of negative energies is ultimately in the best interests of the spirit and soul of the person receiving the energy.

Further to this Usui-Reiki is a system to develop our individual intuitive perception to sense and experience these subtle energy-fields for ourselves directly, so as to effect a more dynamic and intuitive healing and empowerment process with each time that we connect to and use it.

I build upon these concepts by including the Chakra and energy-centres discovered and described in Buddhist, Tibetian, Sanskrit and other texts and traditions, as well as examples and concepts from the books by James Redfield, such as the Celestine Prophecy, and books by other authors who’s concepts and ideas I believe strongly resonate with the energy of this system of self-empowerment and healing.

There are Three Degrees of Reiki, the third level of which is divided into two parts – Master, and Master / Teacher. Reiki Practitioners learn the use of three sacred symbols in the Reiki (2nd) Degree Ceromony and Masters and Master / Teachers two further symbols that are used during Attunement (Empowerment / Initiation) Ceromonies.

I also include other symbols used in other non-traditional Reiki systems that have to me personally proved both effective and useful in the transmutation and channeling of energies, both in everyday life for myself and others and during healings and readings provided for my friends, family, pets, plant-life and clients.

The ultimate truth is that you do not need one single word of this text or these courses or symbols. No Master can teach you what you are not ready to learn, and when you are ready to learn and progress then the Universal energy will inevitably find it’s way to flow towards you, irregardless.

All each teacher and master does is to energise and increase the potential for you to key into this energy for yourself, at any time. No matter whether you have studied materials, received attunements or simply visualised yourself as a different person in future times and places, you are as capable as the next person to evolve into something new, and more perceptive, capable and complete than you were before.

First Degrees Reiki is about SELF HEALING. In this system it is also about learning hand positions and rituals that integrate Reiki and thinking about using universal energy for everyday tasks into our day-to-day lives, as well as for using it to uplift and raise the energy levels of people and situations around us. It is also about learning to control and protect our own personal energy field, power centres (chakras) and energy reserves from those who would seek to deplete us by psychic attack, energy-vampirism, and use of control dramas.

Reiki Second Degree is about learning to consciously direct and use universal energy for healing on the physical and mental / emotional levels, as well as over distance. It grounds us as a stronger channel for Reiki Energy and will empower us to make real changes and decisions in our lives that we might before have felt incapable of making, dealing with, or facing up to. It will also begin an on-going internal healing process that will prepare the Initiate over time to be ready to receive a further ‘Master’ Attunement.

Third Degree Reiki we learn to pass attunements to others, for soul-level and complete Spirit-Body-Mind healing, as well as an initiatory tool for permanently raising the energy-levels and total Chi of individuals who are receptive to the energies or Reiki. At Master’s level you learn two further symbols for Grounding and Attuning of Initiates, and are prepared for the responsibility of initiating others.

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