Open Message to the Indigo's and all other 'Children of Light'

Talkin’ ‘About A Reiki-lution!

Open Message to the Indigo’s and all other ‘Children of Light’
(–Chris Asher, 26th March 2008).
Fair Warning: This message contains the energetic signature of a Reiki Attunement. Please do not read any further unless you consent to a personal and permanent attunement to Reiki energy, which will leave you feeling empowered, uplifted and energised, as well as capable of using and sending Reiki healing energy through yourself to others by using focused visualisation, and the intent to send healing energy to a recipient, via their higher self. If you are accepting of this energy, you may experience several months of energetic clearing, cleansing, and grounding as your auric field attunes to Reiki.
My Dearest Kindred,
We are just waking up from a nightmare of history, and already striving to create a future that does not repeat the past, and also overcomes our worst fears of self- and planetary destruction.
We are discovering senses and intuitive perceptions that, when functioning clearly, can amplify and intensify the psychic screams of this planet, and the population of peoples upon it.
That’s not easy to deal with, and because of this my first message to you at the moment is, (just in case you hadn’t realised it yet): You are Not Going Crazy. It really is the world that is all fucked-up. I repeat – It Is Not You!
My secondary message then of course is: You Are Not Alone! There really are other people out there in the world like you – wondering if they are crazy, too, sitting on their own personal little mushroom clouds and metaphorically staring at the world with a disappointed look on their face, quietly ‘tut-tutting’ to themselves.
The thing is they – well, we are beginning to come together in common principals and purpose as has never happened before in human history, in the realisation that there are so many of us out here feeling the same way. There have never been as many of us born at one time before in history, nor such call from the planet and peoples for a timely intervention for the better.
We were each born here to this purpose, together, and there are too many of us to not succeed at this point.. We just have to hold together and let it happen.. (The revolution will not be televised, and ‘Apocalypse Now’ has been cancelled to make viewing time for ‘The Golden Age of Earth and Humanity’, previously advertised in some areas as ‘The New World Order’, or ‘The New Order Of The Ages’ πŸ˜€ ).
We are the generation that has been born to open up to new perceptions, a new awareness, and new models of thinking – We are also the generation to be born into an amplified, transmitted, and conflicting age, where the amount of information assaulting our senses is greater than ever before, even before we take into consideration our developing perceptions of empathy, telepathy and group-consciousness.. I want to share some of my experiences of growing up in this world, with these sensitive perceptions that sceptics like to call ‘Magic’ or ‘E.S.P.’.
I have had an intuitive knowing for a long time that I was one of the first of something new, and it is only recently in reading more about Indigo children, and finding similar groups on the web do I realise how many there are already following this path. I feel I have things that I need to share, and this article is the beginning of that. I want to share what I have already experienced so that those that follow do not suffer the same degrees of fear, doubt, anxiety, alienation, and depression that I have on occasion felt in my time.
I’ve come to some new understandings of our ‘extra-sensory’ perceptions, how they function, how they interact with and direct energy, and how that energy is the fundamental under-pinner of all life, and I feel the need to share these ideas and knowings with those that are struggling to understand their own development.
So I’ll keep writing, and I’ll keep talking. πŸ˜‰ That first step I mentioned being taken, the second step is to acknowledge that if we are to continue to develop these perceptions, we need to learn to defend and protect ourselves and those around us from energies and thoughts we do not wish to experience.
In this World of Energy that we are dealing with, we sensitives more than any are aware of amount of pain and conflict merely a thought in itself can cause, this doesn’t make it any easier to deal with, but the first step is acknowledging that the world really is F.U.B.A.R., and that there are others who perceive these things the same way as you.
The next step is protecting ourselves, and then linking up with and protecting our people – those whom we hold most dear, those whom we feel we resonate and connect with most readily and unconditionally. If you followed that then you are already in a state of grace, now.
The energy you can feel flowing through you as you think about your closest and most dear is the energy of unconditional love – Reiki – The Force, whatever you call it, and it has always been a part of you, is always surrounding you, supporting you, caring for you, bringing you hope and peace of mind..
It has always been there it is just that the world teaches us to forget how to connect with it, or to claim it as our birthright, as it is. This is the true ‘Devil of History’, ‘Curse of Grayface’, the ‘Lie of Christianity’ and in my belief, the biggest chain around the soul of humanity at this point –
That idea that we are not already divine in ourselves, and do not have the right, the capacity, the capability or the wit to listen to and receive intuitively-guided imagery, ideas, energy and creative thought-processes and messages from Angels, Spiritual Beings, Ascended Masters, Past Loved Ones, Avatars, Beings Of Light, Divinities, Deities, Greys, Aliens, Ancestral Spirits, Allah or God without the intervention of a Priest, Rabbi, Church, Temple, Papacy or Para-Psychologist to ratify said visions or inspirations and deem them to be ‘Good and True’.
Your Own Heart Is Your Truest Guide.
No priest can deny you your own personal connection to that Divine Energy unless you let them. No religion has the right to lead you to believe that you are not in every way divine in yourself – you are pure and innocent from birth, with a birthright of justice, equality, peace, freedom and grace, a duty to protect those things with your words, your thoughts, and your actions, (and if your should choose, your life), and a duty to act as a steward towards this planet, sun and moon that give us life and sustenance, and bring us joy.
You also have a duty to yourself to allow yourself to experience this life in it’s fullest, without doubt, guilt, fear, hatred or regret, or any of those other illusions of our history that cause personal limitation.
Each and Every Person Is A Genuine Pope.
Every Man and Every Woman is A Star!
Love, And Do As Thou Wilt. Love Is The Law, Love Under Will.
An Ye Harm None; Do As Ye Will.
Yous are a STAR!
Don’t let anyone, anything or even yourself tell you otherwise.
It’s the fundamental place to begin.
And everything stems from there. ;-D
— Asher
P.S. Are you enjoying the trips yet? It gets better..
— END TRANSMISSION, Part (Trip) 1.–

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