‘New Age’ Philosophy

'New Age' Philosophy

Human Tribe

Human Tribe Hear me now. I’ll see you rise. Our disaffected peoples; Our shattered pride. So we betrayed.. In apathy?? Our neighbours; Our allies – With war-full lies. Perhaps so now, we should all stand? Remember Honour. Return their land. Power we ‘Won’ in deceit, in blood. Show we learned. Stand again for good. Families and nations, our Human Tribe. Unite. In Peace. Again find pride. Because England, America – For our fallen kin. Declare…

'New Age' Philosophy

Xen23 Re-Evolutionary News and Technology.

Xen23 Re-Evolutionary News and Technology. The world is ruled by the people who define the code the network runs on. Our power lies in the choice of what software we choose to use – And how we use it. The internet cannot be ruled, information cannot be controlled, our personal information – our consciousness integrity and thoughts cannot be raped and ‘data-mined’ by centralised, profit-driven, inhumane institutions UNLESS WE CONSCIOUSLY OR CONSCIOUSLY SUBMIT TO USING…

Kids Democracy

Easy-to-use-voting-system-for-schools, parents, teachers and pupils. To enable and enhance the interchange of ideas and information between schools and their local community. Secure and encrypted safe and empowering. Edit: I think the key point here being getting a generation of kids used to the idea of voting and debating for change for themselves and realising their own power.

'New Age' Philosophy

Jedi Reiki:- Rebel Healing and Consciousness Activism in the 21st Century

In line with the traditions of Reiki and Jedi spirituality as they are developing in the world at the moment, this document is an initial act to form a new school of thought consciously directed towards creating a spiritually-aligned and non-denominational school of principles that is rooted in human compassion, rational thought, principled action and consciously directed healing and energy-work. The intent is to bring people together in a tolerant and compassionate way that bridges…

'New Age' Philosophy

Potentia Vobiscum

Ahoy there! Where attention goes, energy flows. Your thoughts, ideas, actions, beliefs and emotions at every moment are important to the future of yourself, your nation, this planet, and all the peoples living on it. You count just as much as everyone else, and you can help make the difference, tip the balance, make a change, by standing up together with others of like-mind and similar locality. You may have been taught to be powerless…

'New Age' Philosophy

A Zen Story

(Plagiarised from Principia Discordia) A Zen Story A ZEN STORY by Camden Benares, The Count of Five Headmaster, Camp Meeker Cabal A serious young man found the conflicts of mid 20th Century America confusing. He went to many people seeking a way of resolving within himself the discords that troubled him, but he remained troubled. One night in a coffee house, a self-ordained Zen Master said to him, “go to the dilapidated mansion you will…

'New Age' Philosophy

Strengthening the Human Aura

We’ve all got an aura, and what this actually means is that we are perpetually connected to the universe, and each other. ‘Strengthening our Aura’ is the idea that we can notice where we let negative thoughts and energy into our personal comfort zone, or life-space, and teach ourselves to change those thought patterns so that they are wholely-positive to ourselves, and to those around us. It’s integrating that idea that we will always have…

'New Age' Philosophy

Affirmation (Reiki 1st Degree)

Reiki Level 1 (Initiate) Wholeness Balance Vitality Vigour Selfhood Affirmation: “Let the Creative Force of the Universe walk with me upon this Path of my Life. I seek Wholeness – to become United in mind, body and spirit within the Centre of my Self(s). I seek to Forgive – both myself and others, that I might become Released; become relaxed… I seek Truth – thus do I invoke and entreat the Guidance of Higher Consciousness….

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