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Activism and Direct Action

‘Hello World’ 2019.

Few years old but still a good banner. 🙂 I always cringe when I return to this blog and have to decide whether to scrap the personal rants, but they’re illustrative of dealing with health issues in this crucible of ‘benefits’ that the U.K. Gov. / D.W.P. are inflicting on people, so I’ll leave them on here. I’m online here, on Discord, and on twitter @Xen23, and am working on RodentWars! at the moment, although…

Just meh.

Just meh. Wanna be able to fucking stand. Want a cuppa without debating whether it’s worth the pain or trying not to spill it, day 2, grrrrrrr. Walk to corner shop and up stairs screwed me for the start of the day, sit still and be pissed about being ‘not disabled’ with no fucking support beyond ‘be self employed’ with fuck all way to get around, or keep place vaguely presentable for clients. Wait on…


One Way Ticket to Amsterdam (Synopsis)

In a dark and terrible corporate future free fun has been outlawed, and recreational drug use and partying are capital offences punishable only by death – and more taxes!! Our heroes are revived from stasis by the last disciples of Buddy C., embarking on a last-ditch offensive against the global corporate oligarchy (GCO), risking life and limb to save the world and rally the Hemp Knights of the Hedonistic Resistance to S.M.I.L.2E. – And save…

'New Age' Philosophy

Cancer Research

This is me trying to sort through facts and fiction on the internet after several weeks of trawling and investigating information on the ‘net. Plan being: Take first impressions, assess facts, draw initial conclusions. Document notes, links and evidence. Provide Holistic approach to cancer treatment incorporating: Alkaline Diet; Cannabis Oil; Hemp Seed Oil; N.L.P. (Self/Meta-Reprogramming) with guided visualisations (focusing on encouraging the body’s immune system to recognise cancerous cells); Daily routine with regular grounding exercises;…

Kids Democracy

Easy-to-use-voting-system-for-schools, parents, teachers and pupils. To enable and enhance the interchange of ideas and information between schools and their local community. Secure and encrypted safe and empowering. Edit: I think the key point here being getting a generation of kids used to the idea of voting and debating for change for themselves and realising their own power.

'New Age' Philosophy

Potentia Vobiscum

Ahoy there! Where attention goes, energy flows. Your thoughts, ideas, actions, beliefs and emotions at every moment are important to the future of yourself, your nation, this planet, and all the peoples living on it. You count just as much as everyone else, and you can help make the difference, tip the balance, make a change, by standing up together with others of like-mind and similar locality. You may have been taught to be powerless…

'New Age' Philosophy

Affirmation (Reiki 1st Degree)

Reiki Level 1 (Initiate) Wholeness Balance Vitality Vigour Selfhood Affirmation: “Let the Creative Force of the Universe walk with me upon this Path of my Life. I seek Wholeness – to become United in mind, body and spirit within the Centre of my Self(s). I seek to Forgive – both myself and others, that I might become Released; become relaxed… I seek Truth – thus do I invoke and entreat the Guidance of Higher Consciousness….

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