Reiki Healing

'New Age' Philosophy

Cancer Research

This is me trying to sort through facts and fiction on the internet after several weeks of trawling and investigating information on the ‘net. Plan being: Take first impressions, assess facts, draw initial conclusions. Document notes, links and evidence. Provide Holistic approach to cancer treatment incorporating: Alkaline Diet; Cannabis Oil; Hemp Seed Oil; N.L.P. (Self/Meta-Reprogramming) with guided visualisations (focusing on encouraging the body’s immune system to recognise cancerous cells); Daily routine with regular grounding exercises;…

'New Age' Philosophy

Jedi Reiki:- Rebel Healing and Consciousness Activism in the 21st Century

In line with the traditions of Reiki and Jedi spirituality as they are developing in the world at the moment, this document is an initial act to form a new school of thought consciously directed towards creating a spiritually-aligned and non-denominational school of principles that is rooted in human compassion, rational thought, principled action and consciously directed healing and energy-work. The intent is to bring people together in a tolerant and compassionate way that bridges…

'New Age' Philosophy

Strengthening the Human Aura

We’ve all got an aura, and what this actually means is that we are perpetually connected to the universe, and each other. ‘Strengthening our Aura’ is the idea that we can notice where we let negative thoughts and energy into our personal comfort zone, or life-space, and teach ourselves to change those thought patterns so that they are wholely-positive to ourselves, and to those around us. It’s integrating that idea that we will always have…

'New Age' Philosophy

Affirmation (Reiki 1st Degree)

Reiki Level 1 (Initiate) Wholeness Balance Vitality Vigour Selfhood Affirmation: “Let the Creative Force of the Universe walk with me upon this Path of my Life. I seek Wholeness – to become United in mind, body and spirit within the Centre of my Self(s). I seek to Forgive – both myself and others, that I might become Released; become relaxed… I seek Truth – thus do I invoke and entreat the Guidance of Higher Consciousness….

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