Activism and Direct Action

United United Kingdom. #UUK #UUKACT1

United United Kingdom #UUK #UUKACT1 Schools closing Friday because of funding? Fuck #Brexit or not, it’s #UKOrangeVests time. Enough people. Down tools. Block roads. AUSTERITY IS A POLITICAL FICTION. It’s time for UNITY. Non Violence. Peace. Harmonious Civil Disobedience. Honour our European allies #GilletsJaune -Asher

Activism and Direct Action

The #Brexit Revolution? Is this the beginning of the end for the political experiment that was the ‘European Union’?

Is this the beginning of the end for the political experiment that was the ‘European Union’? The psychological warfare that has been unleashed on people who chose to vote for sovereign democracy and against becoming a permanent nation-state to a federalised ‘European Union’ this last few years has been enlightening. The disingenuousness of ‘Remainers’ assaulting the results of the referendum, hand-in-hand with a blanket of media assaulting the integrity and intelligence of every reasoned voter…

'New Age' Philosophy

#UFOReality and The Alternative Paradigm

E.S.P. is a real thing. ‘UFOs’ are not unidentified, and are real. There is a global centralised control and censorship of ALL media and journalists. Anti-gravity and exotic forms of energy have been discovered. Other beings have been contacted by Governments. Earth’s history is not what we are told or our kids are taught. These politicians and groups are intent on maintaining control of energy, of truth, and keeping the majority as cattle or ‘worker…


So listen up y’awpicly fwit lil children an try py attention cos I get maybe ur non all too sharp. I get ur frustrated so want to rebel but to get pissed off NOW when you’ve been silent on fees the poor disabled and weak.?. Ur not the same caliber that you’d like to think y’are. but you’re not to blame; We let you down let you be educated by lies. Believe in yourselves but…

Well done the English and Welsh! Now we can re-start and begin to build Democracy again!

John Cleese said it best. The Welsh and the English have spoken: The E.U. is a failed experiment. The country that built the Mother of Parliaments and lost a generation standing against fascism has resoundingly taken a stand for right in the world again for the first time in many decades. A remain vote would have been an active acceptance of us becoming a regional state of the federal E.U. super-state. A thing that to…

'New Age' Philosophy

Never Whistle Whilst Your Pissing (Robert Anton Wilson)

Illuminatus! Trilogy; APPENDIX TETH: HAGBARD’S BOOKLET Prelude:  After prolonged pleading and vehement prayers of entreaty, the authors finally prevailed upon Hagbard Celine to allow us to quote some further illuminating passages from his booklet ‘Never Whistle While You’re Pissing’.* * (Before we made these frantic efforts, he wanted us to publish the whole thing.)  The title, he informs us, is taken from R. H. Blythe’s ‘Zen in English Literature and Oriental Classics’. The story is…

Activism and Direct Action

Real Change Requires Democratic National Sovereignty #changethedebate #election2015 #GE2015

Immigrants and ethnic or religious groups are not the problem. The lack of sovereignty of the peoples of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is. The Mother of All Parliaments as the equivalent of a American state in the ‘US of EU’ super-state just isn’t what we were sold. (If any of these trade discrimination laws mean a thing, we’re due a refund! 😉 ) I don’t believe all of our European cousins in France,…

'New Age' Philosophy

Cancer Research

This is me trying to sort through facts and fiction on the internet after several weeks of trawling and investigating information on the ‘net. Plan being: Take first impressions, assess facts, draw initial conclusions. Document notes, links and evidence. Provide Holistic approach to cancer treatment incorporating: Alkaline Diet; Cannabis Oil; Hemp Seed Oil; N.L.P. (Self/Meta-Reprogramming) with guided visualisations (focusing on encouraging the body’s immune system to recognise cancerous cells); Daily routine with regular grounding exercises;…

'New Age' Philosophy

Asher's Place – Who, Why, What, Where, When?

Welcome to my little corner of cyber-space! My name’s Chris Asher. I’m a 36 year old dad living in Nottingham, England. This is my digital soapbox. I’m hoping it becomes everybody’s soapbox. 😉 I don’t know what all the answers are. In my ‘teens when I was 18-19 I was looking at the world and thinking we needed a revolution away from the centralised control and ‘political correctness’ that is though-control, and all things mindlessly…

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