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'New Age' Philosophy

#UFOReality and The Alternative Paradigm

E.S.P. is a real thing. ‘UFOs’ are not unidentified, and are real. There is a global centralised control and censorship of ALL media and journalists. Anti-gravity and exotic forms of energy have been discovered. Other beings have been contacted by Governments. Earth’s history is not what we are told or our kids are taught. These politicians and groups are intent on maintaining control of energy, of truth, and keeping the majority as cattle or ‘worker…

Programming Flow and Interpretation and Differing Program Languages Syntax 1/x

Everything in web design and programming is about flow and interpretation.  Web page mark-up language and compiled program code is written top-down, left-to-right, with each and every ‘character’ of a letter, number, punctuation mark, or even a ‘space’ or the character used to represent ‘end-of-line’ in a document, potentially telling the program expected to read, browse, or to compile that code in a certain, pre-determined fashion. Logic dictates the way a browser or compiler parses…

'New Age' Philosophy

Xen23 Re-Evolutionary News and Technology.

Xen23 Re-Evolutionary News and Technology. The world is ruled by the people who define the code the network runs on. Our power lies in the choice of what software we choose to use – And how we use it. The internet cannot be ruled, information cannot be controlled, our personal information – our consciousness integrity and thoughts cannot be raped and ‘data-mined’ by centralised, profit-driven, inhumane institutions UNLESS WE CONSCIOUSLY OR CONSCIOUSLY SUBMIT TO USING…

Kids Democracy

Easy-to-use-voting-system-for-schools, parents, teachers and pupils. To enable and enhance the interchange of ideas and information between schools and their local community. Secure and encrypted safe and empowering. Edit: I think the key point here being getting a generation of kids used to the idea of voting and debating for change for themselves and realising their own power.

'New Age' Philosophy

Potentia Vobiscum

Ahoy there! Where attention goes, energy flows. Your thoughts, ideas, actions, beliefs and emotions at every moment are important to the future of yourself, your nation, this planet, and all the peoples living on it. You count just as much as everyone else, and you can help make the difference, tip the balance, make a change, by standing up together with others of like-mind and similar locality. You may have been taught to be powerless…

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