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A lot of the web and I.T. support I do is one-off fixes and technical solutions.
I am happy to have a chat about any technical issue and provide consultancy via phone, email, or Skype.
I have a long history of technical support at all levels for offices and small businesses, as well as educational organisations and end-users at home.  I’ve worked in networking, hardware and software maintenance, e-commerce programming and server security / setup.
The last 12 years I’ve been concentrating on professional Web Design and coding, particularily with PHP4 + 5, HTML5 + CSS3, using JavaScript and jQuery for front-end and UI design.
My latest ( although not quite current 😉 ) Curriculum Vitae can be found @ http://ashersplace.uk/cv.pdf
My forte is solving complex technical problems for business deadlines, and when necessary providing bespoke solutions for problems using PHP, Open-Source and Web2 technologies and API’s when required.
I can confidently upgrade, migrate, fix, add features and tools, and spruce up any Web site.
I can design and develop responsive websites and mobile apps for Android to accessibility standards and within W3C (World-Wide Web Consortium) guidelines, and have 22 years experience with HTML, ASP, CSS, PHP, XML, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Jquery, CodeIgniter MVC, and many other technologies.
I’m available at short notice as I work from home and manage my schedule depending on my clients’ needs. I can usually quickly grasp and gain a good technical understanding of code and scripts I’ve never worked with before, and am happy to help with single issues or complete project management.
Please contact me by email @ chrisasher1979@gmail.com, or call me directly for a chat on: 07984 598 149.
Thanks for taking the time to read the website!  I look forward to talking with you.
–Chris Asher
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