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Welcome to Discordia!

Thanks for stopping by the site!

Our staff work globally through online collaborative tools and the social media, and Discordia offers to extend this working process to our clients.

By creating powerfully-functional tools and good-looking websites, this makes it easier to manage content and clients, as well as enhances workflow and improves business sales, collaboration, and productivity.

Our chief aim is to take ownership of technical responsibility.

We offer to deal with the problems, stress and headaches caused by Information Technology, the Web and the Internet - So that you don't have to!! 🙂

Discordia Technology

Your local Computer and Web2 Specialists in Long Eaton & Doncaster.

Discordia Technology was founded by Chris Asher as Discordia Design in 2006, has traded as Xen23 Development since Nov. 2011 and is now trading as Discordia Technology in 2019.

DiscordiaTech is based in the UK with staff in Long Eaton and Doncaster, a dedicated team remote-working globally, and a shared mission to provide the highest-quality, best-informed, and most up to-date:

Website Design and Development

Technical Diagnosis, Repairs and Upgrades

Networks and Servers Management

I.C.T. Web Consultancy and Support

Digital Marketing and Online Advertising

Business Support and Service Agreements


We make websites.

We setup and manage web, database, communications and games servers.

We fix computers.

We secure and maintain networks, firewalls and routers.

We solve problems.

We offer technical alternatives.

We source, create and provide cost-effective solutions.

We always try to share knowledge, and to teach and to train, bearing in mind it is always better to give a man a rod and teach him to fish than it is just to give him supper for the day.

We're always still happy to fish on your behalf when you need us to though!  😉

Thankyou for taking the time to look around our website!

If you have any questions, please use one of the contact forms to request a call-back, or feel free to call us for a friendly chat on: 07984 598 149.



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14th January 2019 No Comments

RodentWars! Demo Live on Steam!!

RodentWars! Store and Demo download page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/804330/RODENTWARS/ RodentWars! Steam Community page: https://steamcommunity.com/app/804330

14th January 2019 No Comments

Our Facebook page has had a Facelift!

Head over and punch that 'Like button' like a boss to keep upto-date! 😉

14th January 2019 No Comments

Twitter Feed now Live!

You can find us on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/DiscordiaTechUK !

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